Click on the image to view a video of the amazing Clare Piper: Blackie O'Connell, playing one of two practice sets of my Concert D pipes that I donated to his 'Clare Academy of Uilleann Piping'in December 2013.

video display

'The Eagles Whistle' played with Regs' on my concert D set:

Uilleann Chanter in B pitch
Chanter in B
Uilleann Chanter in C pitch
Chanter in C
Uilleann Chanter in C# pitch
Chanter in C#
Uilleann Pipes in D pitch
Set in D
Uilleann Drones in B pitch
Drones in B
Uilleann Drones in C pitch
Drones in C
Uilleann Drones in C# pitch
Drones in C#
Uilleann Pipes in D pitch
Drones in D